CMC | Capital Markets Club

Our Purpose: The Capital Markets Club at Indiana University seeks to immerse motivated students in discussions, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities related to various career paths within the capital markets industry.

CMC | Private Equity & Venture Capital

Members will primarily focus on learning the roles and responsibilities of those working in the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries. To learn more about CMC's Private Equity & Venture Capital division, please visit the link below.

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CMC | Investment Management

In the Investment Management Division, members will discuss unique investment strategies & modeling techniques utilized by different firms all throughout the industry. To learn more about CMC's Investment Management division, please visit the link below.

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CMC | Investment Banking

In the Investment Banking Division, members will discuss ongoing deals related to mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and leveraged finance. To learn more about CMC's Investment Banking division, please visit the link below.

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About Us & Our Social Mission

Our Purpose:
Our goal at CMC is to provide high-achieving students with insight and resources that are needed to break into these more competitive and non-traditional industries, as well as provide students with both networking and technical skills that are needed to turn their goals into a reality. This includes exclusive networking opportunities, hands-on experience, relevant projects, professionalism, and general education required to succeed in each industry.

Our Social Mission:
Besides providing members with valuable tools, insight, and experience to their desired industry within the capital markets, our focus is on equality, and helping out our fellow Hoosiers. We seek to provide an equal networking opportunity for all members, regardless of who they have been granted the opportunity of meeting, or knowing, outside of IU's resources. We understand that here at Indiana University, students have come from all around the world, ranging from various types of socioeconomic backgrounds, and that not every IU student was fortunate enough to grow up in a household with parents in their desired industry, or receive access to exclusive networking connections. That is why our mission here at CMC is to give all students the same opportunity to reach their full career potential, without having to be limited to who is in their social network.

Our Three Divisions

Three divisions offered: Equity & Venture Capital. Investment Management and Investment Banking. To learn more, visit the links below.

"Success usually comes to those
who are too busy to be looking for it."

- Henry David Thoreau

Our Executive Team

Presenting our 2022 Capital Markets Club Executive Team. Learn more about each team member in the links below.

Our Members

Every Capital Markets Club member was meticulously selected from hundreds of candidates. The honored members of our club are listed in the link below.

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